Trash bags

Roller and individual roller bags - guaranteed by PLASROM PRODUCTION!

It is known that these household bags are a product that has become indispensable, both for home use and for commercial environments and most industries. Thus, PLASROM PRODUCTION aims to provide a wide range of articles in this category as well as other similar items such as: polyethylene bags and bags, packaging bags or bag rolls.


PLASROM PRODUCTION offers a wide range of roll and individual bags of different sizes, of high density polyethylene, low density and regranulating suitable for collecting household waste, food and debris specific to office and commercial activities that are resistant to transport safety. They are manufactured according to the rules imposed by this industry, through special production processes, eliminating any possible lateral breaks with the filling.


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High-density polyethylene HDPE or high density polyethylene is the main material used for the production of bags, sacks and other plastic packaging, often presented in the opaque plastic version. The house bags we sell are suitable for all applications and all areas of activity, are robust and have the attributes required for this type of product.

· Dimensions available:

– 50X55 household bags

– 50X70 household bags

– 70X90 household bags

– Household bags 95X110

· Recommendation for storage:

All bags and household bags require storage in covered, moisture-free areas and away from direct sunlight;

Avoid storing less than 2 meters away from any sources of heating;


The plastics market is constantly evolving both locally and internationally. That is why we consider it essential to establish collaboration with manufacturing companies that use only safe and quality raw materials but who are also concerned about the correct prices set according to the offers presented.

PLASROM PRODUCTION is a company producing high quality plastic articles, specializing in B2B sales, with relevant experience in this field.

Advantages of collaboration with PLASROM PRODUCTION:

We offer quality products and services to customers with irreproachable;
We ensure the manufacture and distribution of permanent stocks of bags, packaging and bags of various quality plastics;
We are concerned about customer needs and constantly improving the stocks of plastic items we sell;
We see the creation of long-term partnerships and collaborations, adapting the offers according to the requesting clients and the terms of the collaborations they offer us.


Prices on the PLASROM site are also affordable, whether it’s plastic bags, simple or biodegradable.

The PLASROM product offerings are structured so customers can quickly view product categories, while at the same time quickly choosing the type and size of the bags or sacks they need.

Quotations can be placed quickly by filling in the existing form in the site menu. Also, for clarifications and consultancy services (details, information and questions), you can contact one of our customer service representatives.

To order or request a personalized offer, please call us at 021.350.59.91, 0744.374.712 or to

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