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Building a strong brand involves several actions that require attention from the manager of a business, irrespective of the industry he is part of. When we are talking about a business in the field of services, the marketing and promotion activity has to be focused mainly on visual identity. Here comes the printed print, which provides firm support on the packaging of products, which fulfills several roles. From the need to print the logo, clearly and visibly, on the product concerned, and to include relevant product descriptions, a printed print with a design and print quality is a concrete necessity of today’s but can find it easy to solve by using the PLASROM PRODUCTION team.

Foil printed from PLASROM PRODUCTION - for well-exposed products

Packaging customization should be done using quality materials. Packaging is the one that helps you sell the product in a fairly large proportion, so it must be of quality and wear-resistant print. At PLASROM PRODUCTION we help you value your products through attractive packaging to boost the buying process. In addition, our team offers you consultancy to choose the right services for your business. This way, you’re sure you’re making the right decision in line with your business goals.

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What's the best use for printed foil?

A printed film is one of the most effective solutions for packaging food flavorings such as coffee, tea, chocolate, and generally any product of this kind that requires a strong barrier to contact with the air. In this way, the product inside retains its flavor and keeps fresh until it is opened and consumed.

Also in the food industry, we can remember the packaging of rice, sugar, oil, bakery products, apiculture products, where product information, ingredients and other important descriptions for the potential buyer can easily be added.
The utility of a printed foil is also found in the HoReCa field, where the products require customization to have a deeper impact on the tourist or the customer in general

The printed film can also be used to pack table cloths to protect them, but also to expose them in an advantageous light so that they can be easily seen by shoppers on the crowded shelves of the stores.
Packaging for napkins typically involves customizing bags, but for some manufacturers who own automated packaging machines, the film is a much better solution; this foil is subsequently transformed by the bag-shaped machine. For manufacturers using bags, the choice of wipes can be done manually or automatically, and the last step is to seal this bag.

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