Printed bags

Promoting by printed bags - simpler, faster, more accessible

One of the biggest advantages of these printed bags involves the process of promoting a particular business or product. Any bag in this category can be printed with company data, with the logo, slogan, product features, and any other relevant and useful promotional data.

Printed bags – multiple use possibilities

The printed polyethylene sack is a versatile product that can be used in a variety of ways, with a high lifespan and high resistance under the weight of shopping. It is therefore appropriate in the sustainability promotion process.
Once it has been used with its main purpose – that of shopping from the shop to the destination – the versatility of the polyethylene bag does not stop. Plastic bags can be packed to fit in a bag so you always have one handy when you need it, so many people re-use it in a future shopping session with a long lifespan which adds to the protection of the environment. Even when they wear out, these printed bags do not lose their value because they can be used to store different objects in the house, for example, here only the imagination of everyone limits their use. So these bags printed with your business data will remain a long time in the attention of people.

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What type of printed bags can you buy?

Depending on the specifics of your business, you can opt for polyethylene bags or banana-type polyethylene bags, or both if you run a retail business unit and you need different sizes of these bags. However, PLASROM PRODUCTION produces and prints bags in which various food or non-food items are to be packed, individually or in bulk, with or without flap, with courier glue, baking according to the requirements and needs of each customer.

Why print on plastic bags? Responsible for the environment!

● Plastic bags are reusable, can be collected and selected depending on the material and then recycled;
● Plastic bags can be 100% biodegradable and compostable, environment-friendly, related to air pollution, water pollution;

Make your business known with printed bags!

When we say printer bags, we think first of all about the benefits it brings. Besides the practical aspect, they become promoters of your business. Packaging always has a strong visual impact and can place your business at the top of consumer preferences. It’s a handy and extremely cost-effective way to gain the trust of potential customers.
PLASROM PRODUCTION is your reliable partner when it comes to printed bags. For a customized offer or any kind of order, delivery and shipping information, please contact us!
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