Biodegradable bags

Biodegradable bags for you, out of the care for the environment!

At PLASROM PRODUCTION, you can purchase biodegradable bags of the highest quality, ready to face any challenge in the projects you are undertaking!
These biodegradable bags have the shape of a roll, banana, roller, block type or set, which gives it firmness and added strength, making shopping easy and easy to transport. In addition, they are resistant to stings and cope with fluids in contact with liquids due to the material they are made of.
By choosing biodegradable bags, customers going through the shop floor will always be pleased, because they are able to support shopping with different volumes and shapes, regardless of the way or order they are placed in, and besides, you will be able to protect the environment.
Providing durability and functionality, they are an affordable choice for mall stores, restaurants and other retail outlets.

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The usefulness of these biodegradable bags in the food industry

Bulk goods of different types require different packaging solutions in optimum conditions. These biodegradable bags are probably one of the best solutions for this because:
– They have a versatile design that allows printing in 1 to 8 colors.
– They can be used easily in many areas of activity.

Biodegradable bags - together we help build a sustainable environment!

Concern for the environment is an issue that requires much attention. That is why the PLASROM PRODUCTION team pays special attention to this fact, constantly streamlining this process. What is most important is that when the bags are no longer needed, they can be easily recycled and transformed into compost, significantly lowering subsequent costs. Thus, the losses are considerably reduced and everyone has to win.
From a legal point of view, in October 2017, the Government decided to limit the consumption of thin bags by amending law 249/2015. Thus, since July 2018, it is forbidden to introduce handbags, thin plastic products (less than 50 microns) and very thin (less than 15 microns).
Through our site, you can sell a variety of biodegradable bags with a very high quality, so you can find through them the most affordable solution, no matter what activity you are doing.
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Another advantage to these biodegradable bags is that they can be printed with useful information on the composition, quantity, weight and other features of the product inside. They can also be an effective form of advertising because they allow personalization with company data, slogan, logo and other marketing messages.

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