Banana type bag

Banana type bag - Resistance is its strong point!

Whether we are talking about weight or lifetime talk, a banana type bag is definitely resilient. And if you are wondering where this name comes from, you should know that it is influenced by the shape of the slightly curved handle, similar to that of the fruit in question.
Banana polyethylene sack is particularly suited to retail units involved in retail, whether they sell food or non-food products.

A banana bag keeps your customers happy

From the consumer’s point of view, a banana jacket is quite convenient. This type of bag is rectangular and has a capacity of up to 15 kilograms, depending on the thickness of the material, so it falls into the category of plastic bags that can support the shopping, can be reused several times, without signs of wear immediate.
Rigid handles make these plastic bags a good choice, protecting the wearer’s hands from the discomfort of a possible injury under the weight of the bag.
Moreover, the plastic makes this product extremely useful in the case of rain, being resistant to any liquid, unlike bags from other materials.

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Banana type bag - multiple advantages for the retailer

Plastic bags generally have a longer opening and wrapping time than for paper bags, for example. Although a few seconds do not seem to be an important time, think about how much it means that the cashier makes it easier to open in crowded and crowded times such as holidays.
Also, consider that these banana-type polyethylene bags require less storage space than the bags made from another type of material, so the area around the cashier stays uncoiled and the storage space is efficiently organized.
An important aspect of these bags is that they can be purchased both white and printed with various visually attractive models.
Banana polyethylene bags are a financially economical choice, but with unquestionable advantages for both the buyer and the retailer.

Printed Banana Bag facilitates your business promotion

A banana jacket is elegant and often the preferred choice of buyers in terms of resistance and the fact that they are roomy.
For any business, promotion is essential for the harmonious development of business, and the interest is keeping the consumer in mind for as long as possible.
It’s simple enough to print the name, logo, and other information about your business on these reusable plastic bags.
PLASROM offers a wide range of polyethylene bags and bags, perfectly adapted to the needs of each customer.
Banana bags are printed in one to eight colors range.
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