Food bags

Food bags, for food always fresh!

In any home food bags are always needed! Whether to store food, sandwich packaging, or store anything, roll food bags are welcome in any home.
So if you run a retail store, be sure that it is endowed with a stock of roll-feeding bags of different sizes to meet the needs of each customer.

Roll Food Bags - Important Features

Roll food bags can be used to pack, preserve and even freeze various foods. So they are practical and useful, close to any home.

These food bags are transparent, made of high density or low density polyethylene, roll or set.

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Where do I find these household food bags useful?

Food bags keep the freshness of stored food, preserves the flavor and good taste of fruit, X vegetables and preserves certain types of food. Furthermore, you must know that the material from which these food bags are made is recyclable and is not toxic, not endangering human health.

These food bags are useful to housewives, especially during autumn when the canned season is in peak season. In addition to pickles and jams of all kinds, each family is supplied with various vegetables and fruits stored in a freezer for the winter, well organized in individual bags, so as not to borrow flavors and have them at hand all the time. So these roller bags are very effective in this sense.

As for sandwiches, we all know how well it is stored in food bags!

The utility of these food bags in retail stores

What would be the stores selling vegetables, fruits and other bulk foods without food bags to roll, where buyers put them on the scale, and then in their shopping bag to transport them home?

A well-respected shop must provide the buyers with bags of different sizes to meet all their needs. At PLASROM PRODUCTION you will find transparent rolls to support between 250 grams and 5 kilos.

Food bags from PLASROM PRODUCTION - low prices, high quality

At PLASROM PRODUCTION you will always find low prices without compromising the quality of our products.

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